Entry #1

Sorry for the content?

2009-01-05 08:46:52 by Spikan

Greetings any of the seven people that may or may not actually read this. Those with either prior knowledge of my existence through some means, or have clicked my profile through a review may now rejoice.

Despite my(our) minimal effort exerted in the first and only flash attempt on this profile. I have decided to give flash another go, with plausibly better writing, and maybe even original artwork. What the project is, you probably won't know, unless you personally know me, until it's release.

Then again, 9/10 of the people that could be reading this would know me anyway. Huzzah anyway.


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2009-01-05 12:05:55

Would that mean I'm the 1(/10) person that doesn't know you?

Anyways, have a nice day.

Spikan responds:

Whoever you are, you did that on purpose.


2009-01-17 11:55:28

It's james. And I love you. In fact, marry me.